Lorne Clarke & Tom Flannery
Language: English

She was 17 years
drinking the water from the rain cupped in her hands
it wasn't mixed with the blood on her land
unlike her tears
Joseline Joseline

No more a child
For 2 months she lived on the run
they were checking noses ears and fingers to see if she was one
death all the while
Joseline Joseline

Joseline when she came home
no one left, she was all alone
she had watched from the hills the grizzly ballet
performed by faces she'd known all her days

Now she's 25
carrying three little children round and round
searching out those who still hear the sounds
still alive
Joseline Joseline

a woman now
not allowed to earn money or to go to school
now that everyone's dead she breaks that rule
tell me how
Joseline Joseline

Joseline what do you say
when people look at you a certain way
and all the little girls follow here and there
with eyes so wide and souls so bare

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