Blessed Are

Joan Baez
Lingua: Inglese

Blessed are the one way ticket holders
On a one way street
Blessed are the midnight riders
For in the shadow of God they sleep

Blessed are the huddled hikers
Staring out at falling rain
Wondering at the retribution
In their personal acquaintance with pain

Blessed are the blood relations
Of the young ones who have died
Who had not the time or patience
To carry on this earthly ride

Rain will come and winds will blow
Wild deer die in the mountain snow
Birds will beat at heaven's wall
What comes to one must come to us all

For you and I are one way ticket holders
On that one-way street
Which lies across a golden valley
Where the waters of joy and hope run deep

So if you pass the parents weeping
Of the young ones who have died
Take them to your warmth and keeping
For blessed are the tears they cried
And many were the years they tried
Take them to that valley wide
And let their souls be pacified.

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