War & Peace

Ryuichi Sakamoto / 坂本 龍
Language: English

Is War as old as Gravity?

If I love Peace, do I have to love the trees?

Are there animals that like peace and animals that like war?

Is peace quiet?

Is making war an instinct that we inherit from our Hunting or Farming Ancestors?

Were Farmers the first Warriors?

Do we love without thinking?

Do we do the right thing without thinking?

When children fight with their brothers and sisters, are they learning how to make war?

How do we test the limits of our bodies without war?

Why do they compare war to a man, and peace to a woman?

Peace is unpredictable.

Why is war so exciting?

War is the best game and the worst fight.

Is peace the hardest work?

Is peace a time of tension?

What are the different kinds of victory in a war? In a race?

Is despair a solution?

Why is dangerous to say: never forget?

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