Wartime Sweetheart

James Bar Bowen
Lingua: Inglese

For many months we've observed uneasy ceasefires
Hidden snipers always shoot on sight
Diplomatic moves get buried in the rubble
But I'll seek solace in your arms tonight

Behind the lines, parachuted down in secret
On a hush-hush mission, furtive, undercover
Unilateral peace declared on warring factions
By you, my wartime sweetheart, my wartime lover

Kiss me, my wartime sweetheart
Love me two times and then we part
Fill my lungs, my souls and all my senses
But most of all bring peace to my troubled heart

Enigma codes say we're fighting here for freedom
Ration books, wailing sirens, fight and flight
Battle-scarred and shell-shocked in the shelter
It's time to build up trust, no time to fight

Now's the time to cross forbidden borders
It's time to speak plain words tonight
No codes, no passwords, no more disguises
Sweetheart, lie in my arms tonight

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