Bella Ciao

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Bella Ciao
Quan creus que ja s'acaba

The Nameless and the Named
A smiling face in a cloudy sky
A child who is asking why
A tent in the drizzling rain
Brought back from the war in Spain
These freedoms we have won they have bitten us
And cursed us with the questions that arise
Bella ciao, bella ciao
Remember when we sang Bella Ciao

To win the world but lose the ability
To look into your daughter’s eyes
One human life goes by so quickly
That the coming night is no surprise
We think we choose our path but it chooses us
Ending up alone might be the prize
Bella ciao, bella ciao
Remember when we sang bella ciao

The words of men are not believable
But the words of God are hard to find
You’re grasping like a blindfolded wanderer
You’re nursing your own troubled mind
And these freedoms you hold dear they have bitten you
And cursed you with a permanent disguise
Bella ciao, bella ciao
Remember when we sang bella ciao

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