The Forgotten

Dave Rogers
Language: English

On the streets of Glasgow, Willy sleeps on the floor
The city is deserted, there's no offerings for the poor
“Of course, I'm scared, I'm very scared”, Willy says to his mate
“No home or roof above our heads, how do we isolate?”

No government relief, despite the media din
The homeless are forgotten, thrown in the garbage bin

Locked away in Holloway, Sharifa finds no peace
One more pregnant woman, pleading for release
The ministry of justice confirms she is high risk
But she's just another convict, who cares if she gets sick?

No government relief, despite the media din
Prisoners forgotten, lost in the viral spin

“My life will not be saved”, so said young Lucy Watts
The rules of this pandemic means she'll be left to rot
The frail, the sick, the challenged are low on the viral queue
No right to decent health care or a ventilator crew

No government relief, despite the media din
Disabled folk forgotten, lives tossed into the wind

Café reservations were just not going right
The next thing Eric knew, it was all gone overnight
Jobs are disappearing, in Italy, France, and Spain
One more part-time worker, bottom of the chain

No government relief, despite the media din
The workers are forgotten—No union to step in

Flags, they fly in Liverpool for Elizabeth Glanister [1]
She risked her life for others, so said the minister
Without frontline protection, three more nurses fall
Victims of a system that never was meant for all

No government relief, despite the media din,
Even heroes are forgotten – still no tests are in

Barbara lived a long life, so the story goes
Just another care home death, no one needs to know
She was asked to sign the order, do not resuscitate
Four thousand faceless figures, buried by the state

No government relief, despite the media din
The elderly forgotten, the mask is wearing thin

Whose lives are remembered? Whose lives are forgot?
Whose work is essential? Whose work will be lost?
Unless you're rich and powerful, they'll never see your face
You don't count for nothing, if you're outside the marketplace

No government relief, despite the media din
When the people are forgotten, the fightback must begin
[1] Aintree University Hospital staff nurse Liz Glanister, 68, died on Friday April 3, at Royal Liverpool University Hospital, after testing positive for the virus.

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