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God, why do we have wars
god, why do we have laws
god, people are so strange
god, I am so ashamed, I am so ashamed

It's my life and you do what you want
people are hating and fighting for love
people call me funny names I don't understand
you gotta help the people who call themselves men

God do you really care
god, the world is in despair
god, I don't want my soul
god, have nowhere to go, have nowhere to go

I am very lonely and afraid to die
I need a ticket for a place in heaven to hide
I don't want unhappiness living here on earth
living here is loneliness, I'm going to desert

God, are you really square?
god, do you have long hair?
god, i don't really care
god, help me lift my fear, help me lift my fear

I don't want to be your enemy
I want everyone in this world free
I don't give a damn if you're hip or square
love is something everyone gotta share

God, why are people mean
god, cant you change the scene
god, I am only five
can I stay alive, can I stay alive?
stay alive
stay alive, stay alive, stay alive!

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