Forty Acres And A Mule

Oscar Brown, Jr
Lingua: Inglese

if i`m not mistaken i once read,
durin` that short spell i spent in school,
where ev`ry slave set free was s`posed to get,
for slavin`,
forty acres and a mule.
now ain`t no tellin` how much work was done
by my ancestors under slaver`s rule,
but sure as hell the total`s got to run
at least,
to forty acres and a mule.
now i`m not sayin` this to see folks sweat,
`cause i`m not bitter,
neither am i cruel,
but ain`t nobody paid for slavery yet;
about my forty acres and a mule...
we had a promise that was taken back,
an` when we hollered it was, `hush, be cool!`
well me, i`m bein` rowdy, hot an` black:
i want my forty acres an` my mule!
don`t tell me not to get myself upset,
don`t look at me like i`m some kinda ghoul,
jus` answer quietly,
when do i get
my goddam forty acres and my mule?
no thanks, i`ll take my own self out to lunch.
no thanks, i`ll dig me my own swimmin` pool,
an` lay an` play aroun` with my own bunch,
if i git forty acres and a mule.
`cause interest gotta go on jus` like rent,
(i may be crazy, but i ain`t no fool.)
one hundred years of debt at ten percent,
per year,
per forty acres,
an` per mule.
now add that up
an` ooooeeee looka there!
no wonder y`all called great grandmaw a jew`l.
jus` pay me that an` call the whole thing square
yes lordy,
forty acres and a mule!

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