Monday in May (the Kent State Tragedy)

Third Condition
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June 1970

This was one of the first songs released about the Kent State shootings and that particular Vietnam War protest demonstration. The Third Condition were a garage rock band from Florida, USA. The original promo, released under the title "Monday in May (A May Day of Hell)", had written on the label "rush release" with the date stamp saying "10 June 1970".

Subsequently released as "Monday in May (The Kent State Tragedy)", written by Charles "Chuck" Robinette, it received decent airplay and started to rise in the charts until the release of Ohio / Find the Cost of Freedom by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (below). Billboard reported on 15 August 1970 that Sundi Records had established a university scholarship in Tampa (called M.I.M - Monday in May), funded by 10% of net royalties earned on the "Monday in May" single.

Vietnam War: Kent / Jackson State Songs

Il testo non รจ completo. Cercheremo di completarlo all'ascolto.
With humiliation and shame for the nation
We shared bitter tears for the deed that was done
When student dissension brought armed intervention
To Kent State Ohio with tear gas and guns.

With ... and steady the guards would stood ready
their heart beat with fear beneath the ...

.. violence they noodled in silence
spraying their tear gas on the youthful crowd

Blood and confusion, dispelling illusion,
Monday in May, a May day of hell

No longer concealing the anger they're feeling,
They turn on the guardsmen with rocks in their hand
Tears blood their vision of ... precision
as .. with their rifles are soon firing instead

Bullets were flying, students were crying
as hell .. lose its ... with no one in sign (?)

Blood and confusion, dispelling illusion,
as screams of the dying were burned in their mind
Blood and confusion, dispelling illusion
Monday in May, a May Day of hell

When it all ended and silence descended
fortunate people they .. on the ground
When fear is awaken freedom is shaken
.. its flower when .. is found

Blood and confusion, dispelling illusion
Monday in May, a May Day of hell
Blood and confusion, dispelling illusion
Monday in May, a May Day of hell

inviata da Lorenzo - 30/5/2020 - 01:20

Ho cercato di completare il testo a partire da quello parziale presente sotto il video, ma ci sono alcune parti che proprio non riesco a capire. Se qualcuno vuole aiutare...

Lorenzo - 30/5/2020 - 13:20

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