Fight for Your Rights

Mötley Crüe
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Theatre Of Pain

Theatre Of Pain
Can't break the chains
Can't solve the pain
Can't rhyme problem with reason

Not taking sides
Just asking why
Does the pain eat the children?

Who wrote the Bible?
Who set the laws?
Are we left to history's flaws?

And if you're out there
Then let me hear (hey)
And take a look in the mirror

Fight for your rights
Fight for your rights

Can't name no names
Of who's to blame
For cries out in the sky, we're all slaves to time
No color's right
Throw our hate into the fire

Martin Luther
Brought the truth
The color of our blood's the same

So break the chains
And solve the pains
And we all become one race

Fight for your rights
Fight for your rights

Oh people people
Is the scar too deep?
You can't hold a man's soul
By the color of his keys
A tear o' blood runs from my eye
But somehow I can never
Make you...cry...

26/5/2020 - 02:58

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