Necessary Evils

Pete Kronowitt
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & music by Peter Kronowitt
Album: Phases of the Heart

Taxes, tobacco, religion and war
Don't tell me what's worth fighting for
Well, politicians will push around
While the media presses their sights and their sounds
Blood and oil will mix on a beach
And chemicals, well, it makes me sick

Necessary evils, tell me why
Necessary evils ..

Half cocked aimed and ready to fire
I'm dancing hot – on live wire
Capital punishment knocks 'em all dead
And they tell that all our blood is red
Inner city kids are looking for heroes
And athletes stick shit up their nose

Necessary evils, tell me why
Necessary evils ..

Society tells us what to do
From conflicting points of view
It's just not necessarily true
But what it comes down to
Is society is just me living with you..

Unemployment keeps wages down
So business makes profit – and the economy is sound
Hunting kills by wrong place and time
And poverty lets only the strong survive
Love's supply never meets demand
A fruitless search for a brotherhood of man

Necessary evils, tell me why
Necessary evils ..
Necessary evils ..

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