The Christian Thing

Jono Manson
Lingua: Inglese

I have been to Bethlehem and up on Calvary
But I don't believe a son of God was born and died for me
Still I have read your bible, Old Testament and New
Between the lines, I have divined, the Christian thing to do

I seek no prize in Heaven, nor fear the fires of hell
I will not join the holy war against your infidel
But I will fight for freedom, for happiness and truth
I will soldier on for peace; the Christian thing to do

And when my brother's homeland is torn apart by war
I will not leave him starving, outside the golden door
I will open wide the gates and let him pass right through
And love him as I would myself; the Christian thing to do

Love is my salvation, I need no second birth
I still believe in paradise, here upon the earth
With conscience as my compass, my heart will know the route
And I'll strive walk in righteousness; the Christian thing to do.

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