Migrant Song

Jack Warshaw
Language: English

We fled our lands in time of war
Time of famine, time of woe
Wearied souls and ragged kids
On the road, no place to go

We came uplifted to your shores
Over land, across the seas
Doors and hearts were opened wide
Back then you called us refugees

We built your cities, roads and railways
Worked your factories day and night
Healed your sick and worked your fields
Taught your kids to read and write

Our tongues were different, names also
Left behind the world we knew
Settled down and raised our kids
Who looked and sounded just like you

Now once again in time of terror
We walk and crawl, set sail and drown
Doors are closed and faces turned
And you call us migrants now

And still we try and still we’re crying
Still we die before our time
While your leaders blow and bluster
Ain’t it all an awful crime

See us now in all the papers
In the news and on your screens
Parents weeping, children drowning
Dressed in T shirts, shoes and jeans

You are blessed and we are broken
Ease our troubles, ease our pain
For the sake of human kindness
Open up your doors again

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