My Identity

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Album Inappropriate Behaviour
Featuring Larynx
It's my Identity
My born identity x2
Someday imma be okay

I might be living a thousand miles away
But still I hear the cries of my black brothers who died to today
Blood spilled by killer cops shots ringing out from the opps
This thriller it never stops and the apple continues to rot

Another man gets slotted into jail for petty crime
Gets bodied in the sell another sad story to tell
Blood splattered a life shattered cause of the drugs that he sell
While up in the boondocks
Nobody questions what they inhale

They got programs for rehab
But we don't
We can't afford to pay the big tab
It's not that we won't

Without the 40 acres and the mules
Our only inheritance was psychological damage and broken schools

So I refuse ...

To believe in that freedom song you sing to me
I want peace but it's only war you bring to me
I'm lost and my skin's the only thing that cling to me

It's my Identity
My born identity
It's my Identity
My born identity
Someday imma be okay

They got guns drawn
Regardless if you're innocent or done wrong
We march for the futures of our unborn

They kill
Go back to their fam while some mourn
'Cause these thugs with badges are quick to bust slugs from ratchets
It's madness
Not saying they're all bad
But the fact is
Some use deadly tactics

Another day another hashtag
They're highly militarised like its Bagdad

The truth's lost
They criticise when we riot and loot stores
But ignore the root cause

Extreme poverty and cops using brute force
The mic's my weapon of choice, choose yours !

I inspire unity - uh
Cops fire with impunity
The war on drugs destroyed entire communities
All we want is the same opportunities

It's my identity
It's my identity
Can't take it away
It's my identity
It's my identity
One day imma be okay

2019/12/28 - 23:19

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