Lion In A Cage

Dolores Keane
Language: English

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Dall'album omonimo del 1989.
La busta del vinile da cui ha copiato il testo dice: Dedicated to all those who strive to free Mandella
(con 2 L, come nel testo!)
The Veld is burning in the African sun
Black blood flows from the white man’s gun
Locked in a jail for twenty five years
Held like a lion in a cage of tears
Mandella will be free
Mandella will be free, mandella Nelson Mandella

People in Sharpville and Soweto born
Mandella will be free
Living with the lash of the white man’s scorn
Mandella will be free
Sweating in the dungeon of the diamond mine
Mandella will be free
Blood was shed on the picket line
Mandella will be free.

The lion is ready for victory
Mandella will be free
To lead the people to their destiny
Mandella will be free
No prison bars in Pretoria
Mandella will be free
Can hold back the storm in Africa
Mandella will be free.

The time of truth is in his eyes
Mandella will be free
His words tear down the veil of lies
Mandella will be free
The world hears the beat of the talking drum
Mandella will be free
The time for Africa has come
Mandella will be free.

Contributed by Renato Stecca - 2007/5/22 - 23:09

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