Palæstinas Sangs

Savage Rose
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Da/From: "En Vugge Af Stål (Craddle Of Steel)"
En Vugge Af Stål

Testo di Annisette
Musica di Thomas Koppel
(composta nel Libano del Sud)

Lyrics by Annisette
Music by Thomas Koppel
(written in Southern Lebanon)

Help stop the ongoing tragedy of occupation and war, perpetuated by an arrogant axis of oppression from Israel to Washington, torturing the Palestinian people as well as the Israeli people and all peaceloving peoples of the whole world. (The Savage Rose)

Written when The Savage Rose were the guests of the PLO in Lebanon May thru June 1980. Among many other sites, they visited and sang at Sabra, Shatila, Burj-Al-Barajne, Nabatiyeh, Rashidiyeh, Arnoun, refugee camps in Damascus, Syria, etc.

The song was first recorded 1981 on the album 'En Vugge Af Stål' (Cradle Of Steel). But now it is available in English for the first time.

'We wrote this song as the guests of the PLO in the camps of Southern Lebanon in the summer of 1980. We shall never forget the generosity and rich culture of the Palestinian refugees, even under war helicopters and snipers. Like the Tower Of Babylon, Israeli occupation and aggression will fall apart, and Palestinians, as well as Israelis, will finally be free to live in peace and happiness. This is the Song Of Palestine. This song has been with us at virtually hundreds of concerts since then.

We thank our great band, live crew and audience for every heart-beat you put into these concerts. We're all part of the Great Song, Man's longing for Life, Peace, Justice.

Dal sito ufficiale e' visibile l'inizio del video cantato in inglese durante un concerto tenutosi in Danimarca nel 2002. La canzone viene introdotta con queste parole:
"We would like to dedicate the next song to our Palestinian friends.
To all the children, to the youngsters and the elderly.
To women and men in the Palestinian refugee camps, we visited in 1980.
They welcomed us like a father or a mother would do.
We shall never forget them for that. Today, we think it's more important then ever to sing this song we wrote to them when we were visiting them."
Der blæser en vind gennem sorgen.
Den fylder mig med mod.

Stolt bærer I længslernes tårer.
Synger, til det synger i mit blod.

Åh, alle mine små!

Palæstinas små unger
Må befri den blødende flod!
Jeres øjne så klare
Tænde stjernerne i natten
Og olivenlundens hvislende sølv…..

Jeg venter på jer
Jeg venter på jer,
til I kommer.
Jeg venter på jer,
til I kommer.

Contributed by daniela -k.d.- - 2007/5/17 - 13:55

Language: English

Traduzione inglese di Thomas Koppel
English translation by Thomas Koppel

There’s a wind
Blowing through the sorrow
It’s filling me
With courage
Proud you carry
The tears of longing
Sing till it’s singing
In my blood

All my little ones...

The children of Palestine
Got to free the bleeding river
Your eyes, so bright
Lit the stars of night
And the olive grove’s
whispering silver

I’m waiting for you
Waiting for you
till you return
I’m waiting for you
Waiting for you
till you return

Contributed by k.d. - 2007/5/17 - 13:56

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