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Lingua: Inglese

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广场 (The Square)
(Li Zhi / 李志)
(Leonard Cohen)
In Death's Shadow

The Hum
I looked at the face of a lost boy in a photograph
It was given to me by the hands of a dissident man
Drank spirits from a quart in an anonymous apartment
Somewhere on the fourth floor above Tiananmen
He was making a film about government corruption
Smoked cheap cigarettes until his teeth turned yellow
He said don't shiver in the cold air
The shroud that hangs above the square
The temperature is always zero there

There's a laser beam in the sky tonight
Does a figure of eight from the left to the right
Looks like it's searching for you

I can almost feel the truncheons on your pale skin
You say you left it too late to get married
You would have made a good wife you have had a quiet life
In a village somewhere a long way from Tiananmen
That boy in the photograph I don't think he ever existed
I don't think you want to remember do you, sunny?
Because you know that there's something worse
Do you belong to the Christian Church
If you think it would help then I will pray for you

Hey sunny
Why do you always wear black?
In my country it is the colour of death

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