Inno a Nikkal [h.6 Zaluzi di Nikkal] dalle Canzoni Hurritiche / Hymn to Nikkal [h.6 Zaluzi to Nikkal] from the Hurrian Songs

Language: Semitic (Other) (Hurritico / Hurrian)

Le prime due righe del testo / First two lines of the text

qáb-li-te 3 ir-bu-te 1 qáb-li-te 3 ša-aḫ-ri 1 i-šar-te 10 uš-ta-ma-a-ri
ti-ti-mi-šar-te 2 zi-ir-te 1 ša-[a]ḫ-ri 2 ša-aš-ša-te 2 ir-bu-te 2. [1]

Il resto della trascrizione da parte di Anne Draffkorn Kilmer / Rest of transcription by Anne Draffkorn Kilmer

ha-nu-ta ni-ya-sa zi-we -||- si-nu-te zu-tu-ri-ya u-bu-ga-ra
ku-dur-ni ta-sal kil-la zi-li sip-ri -||- hu-ma-ru-hat u-wa-ri
wan-da-ni-ta u-ku-ri kur-kur -ta (i)-sal-la -||- la-li kab-gi al-lib-gi si-rit mur-nu-su

Il tentativo di traduzione di Hans Jochen Thiel (1977) / Translation attempt by Hans Jochen Thiel (1977) [In inglese / In English]

(Once I have) endeared (the deity), she will love me in her heart,
the offer I bring may wholly cover my sin,
bringing sesame oil may work on my behalf in awe may I …
The sterile may they make fertile.
Grain may they bring forth.
She, the wife, will bear (children) to the father.
May she who has not yet borne children bear them.
[1] Manfried Dietrich and Oswald Loretz, "Kollationen zum Musiktext aus Ugarit", Ugarit-Forschungen 7 (1975): 521–22. Citation on p. 522.

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