137 Executions (And Not One Innocent Man)

Rod MacDonald
Language: English

Down in Texas it's a new century
They're leading the world in the first degree
Fidel Castro and China, too
Are executing fewer people than you
The Governor looked at the evidence
Found not a single case of innocence
And signed those warrants with his own hand;
Hundred-thirty-seven executions and not one innocent man.

Down in Texas they like to keep it short
Get you a county lawyer who's a friend of the court
He's drunk at the trial, you appeal to the state
The judges say "Sorry, son, it's too late.
If you weren't poor, if you were white
You'd had a better lawyer and got off light."
The judges say "Son, you're just a link in the chain,"
Hundred-thirty-eight executions and not one innocent man.

Investigators toured death rows all around
One in seven convicted were eventually found
Innocent of murder, wrongfully tried
How many men in Texas have wrongfully died?
Some people say we're too soft anyway
If we kill mistakenly that's the price you got to pay
And they ran that Governor for President
Hundred-thirty-nine executions and not one innocent man.

Tell me how does it feel to have blood on your hands?
Hundred-forty-five executions and not one innocent man

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