(The Man Who Dropped The Bomb On) Hiroshima

Rod MacDonald
Language: English

The man who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima
sat eating in a Georgia restaurant
some chicken salad and potatoes
talking 'bout the one big thing he'd done
I asked him "was there ever a moment
when you wondered 'am I doing something wrong?'
Did you ever have a moment's doubt inside you,
you shouldn't let this one big thing be done?"
He said "You know they never told us what we were carrying
they didn't want to risk we'd change our flight
when we flew over the pre-programmed co-ordinates
that bomb fell out on everything in sight."

The man who dropped the bomb on hiroshima
said "You know I toured Japan after the war
I had to go see for myself
what it was we dropped that one big thing for.
"In every little airport and hanger
were planes all tooled for suicide attacks
I left there thinking we'd made that war end sooner
and man, I never did go back."

Then the man who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima
sat back in his chair and looked my way
He said "All my life I been explaining
the one big thing I did one day.
"All I ever did was serve my country
I loved my wife and worked to raise my kids
and sometimes when the phone rings at midnight
a voice says 'how could you do what you did?'

"Someday, when I meet my maker
I'll know if my one big thing was right."
Then The Man Who Dropped The Bomb On Hiroshima
saluted me, and walked into the night.

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