Rod MacDonald
Language: English

Peace now there's a concept
Is it something to maintain coddle, feed, love
Or does it just exist on its own terms
A verb and our job is to
Get out of its way
And let it shine let it shine
All over the world
Let it shine

Peace here in the real world
That's what we're talking about
Not just some fantasy, ideal,
Wishful-thinking well-intentioned delusion
But a real thing
Alive and kicking up its heels in the face of war
And all you can do is
Let it shine

Peace peace
I even love the sound of the word
Peace peace
What if the very next sound you heard was
Peace now there's an idea
Think of all you could give away
What would power, fear, desire and greed have to say?
If all over the world everyone took a moment's peace
And passed it on

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