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Happiness and Sunshine

Parole e musica di Exuma
Dall'album "Exuma II"
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Baäl, Baäl, Baäl oh Baäl
Baäl will cause
your downfall
you will fall down
in your hole
then you'll find
you'll find
you've lost your soul

you cursed the moon
and you fought
I saw you fighting the sun
your hand is withered
and your life
your life is done

in the mager oh
in the mager
in the mager
there is big danger

you have crucified
your saintly
now now now
you don't have
you don't have anything

Baäl Baäl
oh Baäl
Baäl Baäl
Baäl will cause
your downfall

you've born your babies
oh they eat your flesh
they said they'll put your souls
your souls out of rest

your big search
your big search
big search for gold
made you kill your young
now your blood
your blood runs cold

from life
to your death
you've lived without your son
you were shooting everybody
with a paper money gun

money money money
money has been your Baäl
money's been your Baäl
now for eternity
oh your soul
your soul's in jail

inviata da Krzysiek - 14/1/2018 - 23:02

Uno di rarissimi (se non l'unico per adesso) video live di Exuma!!!

Krzysiek - 15/1/2018 - 19:19

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