Noel Gardner
Language: English

I come from the land of the desert
Where the mountains reach into the sky
Where snow caps god’s towers of beauty
Religion and guns ruled my life

A life of simplicity and sharing
Three children, a wife, family
I’ve been beaten, plundered and brutalised
I am a refugee

Now with decades of war my hopes faded
And with a yearning to live and be free
I packaged my life and my culture
With a bag full of sad memories

I’ve been exiled away from my homeland
I’ve been feeding advantage and greed
I have ventured ‘cross nature’s vast oceans
I am a refugee

Now a light shines down from a tower
Curled wire defines all my dreams
And a man with a baton and a spray pack
Maintains all those hostilities

As I sit in this camp in the desert
With no mountains, water and trees
My spirit is broken and shattered
I am a refugee

As I sit in this camp in the desert
Curled wire defines all my dreams
My life is dissected and traded
I am a refugee

And my hopes blow away ‘cross the desert
Like an aborigine

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