Bryd one brere


1. Bryd one brere,            
Brid, brid one brere,
Kynd is come of loue 
Loue to crave.       
Blithful biryd, 
On me thu rewe.        
Or greyth, lef,        
Greith thu me my graue.

2. Hic am so blithe,   
So bryghit brid on brere, 
Quan I se that            
Hende in halle            
Yhe is quit of lime,      
Loueli, trewe,            
Yhe is fayr and           
Flur of alle.             

3. Mikte hic hire     
At wille haven,       
Stedefast of loue,    
Loueli, trewe,        
Of mi sorwe           
Yhe may me sauen;     
Ioye and blisse were   
Ere me newe.           

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