Ten Little Indians

Michael Friedman
Language: English

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Ten little Indians standing in a line
One got executed then there were nine
Nine little Indians haven't long to wait
One got syphilis then there were eight
Eight little Indians trying to get to Heaven
One found Jesus and then there were seven

Goodnight, goodnight
Goodnight, goodnight
Goodnight, goodnight

Seven little Indians playing pick up sticks
One got burned real bad and then there were six
Six little Indians trying to stay alive
One didn't do so well and then there were five
Five little Indians banging on the door
One got in and then there were four

Good night, good night
Good night, good night
Good night, good night

Four little Indians hiding in a tree
One passed out and then there were three
Three little Indians not much left to do
Two little Indians playing with a gun
One got shot and then there was one

Good night, good night, good night
Good night, good night, good night

2017/6/6 - 04:06

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