Color Blind Angel

Robin Rogers
Language: English

Viola, Viola, you laid your young life down
From Selma to heaven, 3 Ks took you out
Color blind angel battled bigotry
Viola, Viola lives on in history

Left your home in the winterland, southbound with a dream
Edmund Pettis bridge, violence on the screen
Freedom summer of '65 is where you had to be
Stand up for your fellow man, erase hypocrisy

March 25, Alabama, along a lonesome road
Shots rang out on a hate-filled night, now the world would know
Motor City mother, lily-white and sincere
Gave her life for the civil rights, fought against the fear

Walkin' for the right to vote seems old-fashioned now
Martin's vision reigns supreme, all colors can be proud
The legacy of all that fought goes on eternally
Women and men from walks of life live on in history

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