Piers Faccini
Lingua: Inglese

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"Drone” riconduce l’album all’attualità di un attacco di droni in Siria.

Although I Dreamed An Island is inspired by the lost multi-cultural idyll of 12th century Norman Sicily, I wanted the album to flow, both musically and narratively between the past and the contemporary. Drone, as its title suggests, brings us back to the present day where silent unmanned aircraft have replaced the dagger and sword and the thunder of galloping horses as the new messengers of death, wreaking havoc in the night. The song describes the aftermath of a drone strike in Syria.
I saw my town disappear in smoke
Dust and debris on the air we choked
Vengeance comes with a savage fist
Coldest metal in the morning mist

Drone by night
Killer by day
Drone by night
Let the bombs away

Now my brother is lying in rest
Head to the east and his feet to the west
Search for a prayer but the words won't come
Won’t stop trying long as blood still runs

Drone by night
Killer by day
Drone by night
Let the bombs away

Stone by stone and rock by rock
David fought Goliath till Goliath dropped
Arm in arm as the thunder rolls
Hand in hand now the bells will toll

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