One Soldier's Thoughts

Gary Miller
Language: English

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Reflections on War
I just called round to say farewell
For they’re sending us soon deep into Hell
Where the hot baking sun offers you no respite
Until your bones chill to ice in the cold desert night

I just want to give you a few of my thoughts
Whether or not you think that I ought
To be doing my duty and if I should go
Well this is my life; it’s all that I know

Now don’t be alarmed at this state that I’m in
I may have ballooned but in time I’ll be thin
They’ve just fattened us up for the trials ahead
Like slaughterbound lambs to the abattoir led

All those close to me have trials of their own
So they mustn’t know this fear that I feel
I’ll laugh and I’ll joke and make light of it all
And pretend that it just isn’t real

I hope there’s enough body armour to spare
Those who send us care nothing about our welfare
Despite tanks, helicopters and predator drones
We’re under-equipped, fed by lies and alone

In this war of aggression we’re just pawns in their game
Placed on the frontline for death or for blame
Human shields, human misery, atrocities galore
Do our leaders share my reflections on war?

When I come home they might dress me in shorts
With no need for shoes when my ticket’s been bought
No more like a fool for the last bus to run
But knowing that two legs are better than none

I seek neither glory nor undying fame
Neither medals nor honours so grand
Just to return through fate or God’s will if I can
Home from Afghanistan

So please don’t miss me when I’m gone
Pray for us who into this maelstrom are hurled
While I dream of those dearest to me
And pray for peace in a better world

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