Young Bosnia

Washington Irving
Lingua: Inglese

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August 1914

Un concept album sulle guerre del XX secolo. La copertina è il dipinto "The Inexorable Flow of History" di Jakub Rozalski
They’ve burned the bridge outside our holdings
The flood has come to us at long, long last
Don’t look at me like that I’m saving us
There is no light left in the stone cold sun

Your dress is soaked up to your shoulders
We are the last to live like the world is young
I am who am I am the God of you
Blood is foaming under Mostar bridge

Honey I’ve got better things than this to do today
Than hold you like I used to in a brand new way
I think I’ll go shoot the man who burned our country dead
And I won’t leave til Sarajevo’s streets are running red

Young Bosnia rides for the battle of our age
I can’t hide my fear for the sickness of malaise
Don’t let me die here in your tired arms tonight
Young Bosnia rides for the darkness and the light

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