Here I Am

Craig Wasson
Language: English

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The Boys of Company C O.S.T.

Cinque ragazzi americani si arruolano nel reparto dei Berretti Verdi alla vigilia dello scoppio della guerra del Vietnam. La loro amicizia, i loro rapporti e i loro ideali verrano messi a dura prova dall'ambiente militare e dalla sporca guerra.
Uncle Sam I’m in Vietnam,
It’s a jungle it’s a prison. But here I am,
Dreaming of the outside and freedom, planning my get away.

Far away from this one ship bay,
In the south-east tip of Asia. Where I lay,
Dreaming of the outside and freedom, planning my getaway.

Weapon drawn I got my web gear on,
I'm crawling on my belly near Khe Sanh*
Dreaming of the outside and freedom planning my getaway.

But there is a guard on the inside with a rifle in hand,
And a guard on the outside on this government land.
Uncle Sam I’m in Vietnam it’s a jungle it’s a prison but here I am, here I am...

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