Vietnam Veterano

Al Reyes
Lingua: Inglese

You found yourself on a beach in Da Nang
With dudes from Tejas, corridos you sang
To get your mind on another patrol.
Get your 16 ready, its time to go.

You crawled through jungles, steamy-hot;
You saw vatos your age get shot.
Heard the cries, saw them die there,
You’ve come home with ugly nightmares.

Qué loco, Vietnam veterano,
Gonzales, Torres, y Lescano;
On the frontlines, again, los chicanos
Martínez, García y Lujano.

In Chu Lai you were fighting away
With the raza on the streets in L.A.
They say this country ships us all o. to fight,
To return and deny us our rights.

So Chicanos fought and Chicanos died,
Spirits of Aztec warriors at their sides.
Fight fiercely, what else could we do?
Just like we did in World War II.

Qué loco, Vietnam veterano,
José, Luis y Chano;
On the frontlines, again, los chicanos,
Martínez, García y Lujano.

You soon found out they didn’t care
About what you went through over there.
Don’t ask, because not much you’ll get,
This war is one they’d rather forget.

Qué loco, Vietnam veterano,
The scars are still on you.
Do you still hear the helicopter sound?
Don’t let them put you down

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