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Chris T-T
Lingua: Inglese

Parole e musica di Christopher Thorpe-Tracey, in arte Chris T-T, classe 1974, cantautore di Brighton, GB.
Nell'albun intitolato “Capital” e poi nel disco collettivo “From the Mourning of the World” del 2013.

From the Mourning of the World
They closed the airports
They closed the stations
Nobody leaves here without permission
They’ve been putting up roadblocks
They’ve been reading their A-Zs
Stay indoors with the curtains closed
Prepared for emergencies

But we’re bored of the curfew
And we’re running out of patience
With the soldiers on every corner
So we’re gonna go out tonight
Gonna get ourselves in a real fight
Not following any more orders
Everybody get up off your knees

You know me now too well to leave
You know that I would never lie
Or keep this stuff locked up inside of me

There was never an invasion
There was never any monsters
They made them up to keep everybody scared
Telling lies is the way for them
So come and get us if you want us
We’re going round to their houses now
We’re gonna burn them out of bed

You know me now too well to leave
You know that I would never lie
Or sell you out – I’d rather die
And you know me now too well to be deceived
I’m not joking around anymore
Watch us now we’re gonna start a war

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