El Demagogo

Lila Downs
Languages: English, Spanish

At the edge of the world
Where the dollar changed lives
There's a burning of hatred
That's crossing the lines

There’s a blue-eyed devil man,
Thinks he king of the world
He’s a bully, a salesman
Selling fear and hate

Who do you think you are?
He plays us with his hate
Turns man against man
But it’s really not a game
And I pray to the ancestors love
Do not be fooled by this man’s foolish talk
The serpent woke again in different times and places
There's a burning cross
Leading the mob
People in chains
He's a quack circus act creeping from the past
He's the symbol of the monster we no longer want to be (What we used to be…)

The earth trembles with these names
Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Pinochet
No respect for woman, no respect for race,
No respect for anything that lives, the human race
But he cannot buy our soul

Voy cortando el odio
Voy sembrando amor

De la explotación
Pero es mi casa
La luz de la mañana

Es el muro de la explotación
Pero es mi casa
Es la luz de la mañana

El lugar de mis ancestros
Esas flores del desierto

Gonna show that my love
Is much stronger than hate
I’m gonna call to the four winds
I'm gonna change my fate

I'm gonna rise up singing
I'm gonna stand for this place
It's a long time, Dios mío,
And I'm coming home

And I’m coming home
And I’m coming home

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