Song of the Famine

Language: Dakota (Santee)

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This song was recorded on the Sisseton reservation in July 1911.
This reservation is in the northeastern part of South Dakota and the Sioux living on the reservation belong to the Santee Division of the tribe. The words of these songs are in the Santee dialect. No information was obtained concerning the present song, but it is evidently very old and connected with a tragedy of the past.
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Questa canzone è stata raccolta nella Riserva di Sisseton, nel NordEst del Sud Dakota, nel luglio 1911, ed è nel dialetto Santee. Non si hanno notizie dettagliate riguardo alla canzone ma è probabilmente molto vecchia e fa riferimento ad una tragedia.
wica' licana kin ,
hena' kecapi
iyo ' tan iye'

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Language: English

Traduzione in inglese
The old men
(are) so few that they are not worth counting.
I myself (am)
the last living.
a hard time
I am having.

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Language: Finnish

Traduzione / Translation / Traduction / Suomennos: Juha Rämö

Vanhat miehet
niin vähissä, että ei edes laskettavaksi asti.
Minä itse
viimeisenä elossa.
Sen tähden
kovia aikoja
saan kokea.

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