For Sophie (This Beautiful Day)

Reg Meuross
Language: English

You walk the university your suitcase in your hand
High upon the landing by your brother’s side you stand
The voices of the innocents echo round the hall
The flowering truth on paper Sophie makes the petals fall

The greatest act of duty to your country and your friends
Is to stand up for the righteous cause and give your life for them
You could have lied or made a deal you could have walked away
But the wall of shame would bear your name and that’s too much to pay

These are the eyes of the child you saved
Aryan blue Hebrew brown and grey
These are the hands that in gratitude pray
For Sophie’s life on this beautiful day

Seven sermons seven lessons seven calls to arms
To the workers in the factories the workers on the farms
One life for ten thousand when good hearts ‘gainst evil stand
Your future’s only safe as this one heart and these two hands

Sophie at the window Sophie lights the lamps
To free her country spread the word Sophie buys the stamps
And in the jail one final kiss her brother and her friend
To end in terror’s better than a terror without end

The brilliant child of Germany has turned his mind to war
He hears the windows breaking but he doesn’t know what for
The ghettos’ strangely quiet just the constant trains go by
But Sophie takes his hands and Sophie opens up his eyes

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