Ballad of William White

Willow Macky
Lingua: Inglese

There was a young Australian boy, his name was William White.
A conscript for the Vietnam war, he did refuse to fight.
"They've raised no hand against our land; this war is cruel and wrong!"
Declared this brave Australian boy, the hero of my song.

Now William was a teacher in a Sydney suburb school,
And to the children in his charge he taught the Golden Rule:
"Do unto others as you would that they should do to you,"
And William thought that he should live as though these words were true.

Conscription for the Vietnam war then to Australia came,
But William White refused to go and register his name;
That meant the end of his career - and none could him employ;
An outcast in his country was this young Australian boy.

Three times he stood before the courts: each time the judge said, "No!
I cannot grant you this appeal; to the army you must go."
Said William White, "Then drag me there! - and home he went to wait,
While pickets with their placards stood on guard around his gate.

At length they came - four stalwart men - and dragged young White away,
But in the army, steadfastly, he still would not obey.
That conscience clearly was his guide, they all at last agreed;
And 'round the world there flashed the news that William White was freed.

Now there are many others who believe, like William White,
This is a dirty, brutal war, in which we have no right;
So let them stand throughout the land and say, with pride and joy,
"A hero of his country is this brave Australian boy!"

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