Told My Cap'n

Josh White
Language: English

Told my cap'n
My hands were cold.
God damn your hands, boy,
Let the wheelin' roll!

Told my cap'n
My feet were cold.
God damn your feet, boy,
Let the wheelin' roll!

Cap'n, cap'n
You must be blin'
Look at your watch
It's past quittin' time.

Cap'n, cap'n
How can it be,
Whistle done blow
You still workin' me?

Asked my cap'n
To give me my time
Dam' old cap'n
Wouldn't pay me no mind.

If I'd-a had my
Weight in lime [1]
Would've whupped that cap'n
Till he went stone blind.

Raised my hand
To wipe the sweat from my head
Damned old cap'n
Shot my buddy dead.

If you don't believe
That my buddy's dead
Just look at the hole
In my buddy's head.

Cap'n walkin' up and down
Buddy's lyin' on the burning ground.
Buzzards circling 'round the sky
Buzzards sure know
Cap'n's gonna die.
[1] If I was white (or if I were on equal terms for a fair fight) – Cioè nel senso di “se fossi bianco”, o “se potessi avere uno scontro alla pari”

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