Red Flowers

Fred Neil
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dall'album "Tear Down The Walls" (1964) con Vince Martin

 Fred Neil & Vince Martin
Fred Neil & Vince Martin

“It’s an anti-war song by Fred Neil which was written after the US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The red canna flowers were the first flowers to bloom in the charred rubble, they became a symbol of courage and hope to the survivors.”
(Alex Gallacher, “The Attic Story and Karen Dalton – Red Are The Flowers”, su Folk Radio UK (FRUK))

Cotton Eyed Joe

Fred Neil scrisse questa canzone ben prima del 1964, anno di pubblicazione dell’album “Tear Down The Walls”. Infatti il brano si trova già interpretato da Karen Dalton nel disco “Cotton Eyed Joe”, un’incisione domestica realizzata nel 1962 a Boulder, Colorado, e riproposta in versione rimasterizzata nel 2007.

(Bernart Bartleby)
Red were the flowers
Growing out of the ashes of war
Searching for the sun
That was there before
Searching for the sun
That was there
Now it’s gone

Red were the babes
Asleep in the fires made by man
Dreaming of the flowers
That were there before
Dreaming of the flowers
That were there before
Dreaming of the flowers
That were there
Now thery’re gone

How could mankind be so cruel
To do this thing they’ve done
The one thing God shall not forgive
Of the child that’s never
Seen a flower grow
And a flower that’s never
Seen the sun, my son

Our father
Who art in heaven above
Hallowed be a child’s love
For the flower that’s never
Seen the sun
For the flower and the child
Are one

2016/1/30 - 18:53

Language: Finnish

Traduzione finlandese / Finnish translation / Traduction finnoise / Suomennos: Juha Rämö

Punaisia olivat kukat,
jotka nousivat sodan tuhkasta
etsien aurinkoa,
joka ennen oli taivaalla,
etsien aurinkoa,
joka oli taivaalla,
mutta jota ei enää ollut.

Punaisia olivat pienokaiset,
jotka nukkuivat ihmisen tulissa
nähden unia kukista,
joita ennen kasvoi lehdoissa,
nähden unia kukista,
joita kasvoi lehdoissa,
mutta joita ei enää ollut.

Kuinka ihminen voi olla näin julma,
tehdä näitä pahuuden tekoja?
Ainoa, mitä Jumala ei anna anteeksi
on lapsi, joka ei koskaan
ole nähnyt kukan kasvavan,
ja kukka, joka ei ole koskaan
nähnyt aurinkoa, minun poikani.

Isä meidän,
joka olet ylhäällä taivaassa,
pyhitetty olkoon lapsen rakkaus
kukkaan, joka ei ole koskaan
nähnyt aurinkoa.
Sillä kukka ja lapsi
ovat yhtä.

Contributed by Juha Rämö - 2016/11/7 - 16:38

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