Lullabye for a Very New Baby

Peggy Seeger
Language: English

Oh the summer was long and the autumn too
Walking slow and weary
‘Til the winter parted me and you
Hushabye, my dearie

When the time was come and the time was gone
They laid you down so near me
And together we slept the whole night long
Hushabye, my dearie

But my back is broke and my belly sore
Your daddy can’t come near me
And it’s up all night to walk the floor
Hushabye, my dearie

Though you keep me waking night and day
And your crying makes me weary
You’re welcome as a flower in May
Hushabye, my dearie

My darling girl, the world is wide
I know it’s going to fear me
To set you floating on the tide
Hushabye, my dearie

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