Loud, Loud, Loud

Aphrodite’s Child
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(Riccardo, sarà mica tuo parente alla lontana?)
The day the walls of the cities will crumble away
uncovering our naked souls
we'll all start singing
shouting, screaming

Loud, loud, loud, loud

The day the circus horses will stop turning around
running fast through the green valleys
we'll sing and cry and shout

Loud, loud, loud, loud

The day the cars will lay in heaps
their wheels turning in vain
we'll run along the empty highways
shouting, screaming, singing

Loud, loud, loud, loud

The day young boys will stop becoming soldiers
and soldiers will stop playing war games
we'll sing and cry and shout

Loud, loud, loud, loud

The day will come up that we'll all wake up
hearing and shouting of joy
and shouting together with the freaks

Loud, loud, loud, loud

The day the world will turn upside down
we'll run together round and round
screaming, shouting, singing

Loud, loud, loud, loud
Loud, loud, loud, loud
Loud, loud, loud, loud...

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