Ballad of Barney Graham

Della Mae Graham
Lingua: Inglese

On April the thirtieth,
In 1933,
Upon the streets of Wilder
They shot him, brave and free.

They shot my darling father,
He fell upon the ground;
'Twas in the back they shot him;
His blood come streaming down.

They took the pistol handles
And beat him on the head;
The hired gunmen beat him
Till he was cold and dead.

When he left home that morning,
I thought he'd never return;
But for my darling father
My heart shall ever yearn.

We carried him to the graveyard
There we laid him down;
To sleep in death for many a year
In the cold and sodden ground.

Although he left the union
He tried so hard to build,
His blood was spilled for justice,
And justice guides us still.

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