Ballad of Song My

Mike Millius
Language: English

Can you sing of Song My and can you tell me why
They murdered all the people there? Was it only Song My
And can you tell me why GI's even killed the children there?
Well you'd know why if you were there on that day
Oh the leaders and the fathers of our country did say
They said 'There's just too many young people here
We got to send them somewhere to die
We'll make a war and sell lots of bullets young soldiers have to buy
And if the people say we lost our way'...they'll say
'Have faith in you Uncle Sam', then they'll wrap up in a flag
Well you don't even have to go out of your house to see
The president is lying to you on TV
Do you know forty thousand young men died?
Left their lives and loves alone
And there's forty thousand more in Canada
And they're gonna make some trouble when they come home

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