At Mail Call Today

Gene Autry
Language: English

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Un pezzo country da uno dei maestri del genere (e non sono tutti patriottici e militaristi!). L'amore che non resiste alla distanza prodotta dalla guerra... mi ricorda una scena di quel bellissimo film antimilitarista che รจ "La sottile linea rossa" di Terrence Malick, quando il soldato Jack Bell, che ha rinunciato persino ai gradi pur di restare vicino alla donna che ama, viene da questa lasciato con una lettera che lui legge subito dopo essere riuscito a salvare il culo a tutti i suoi compagni, martellati dalle mitragliatrici giapponesi a Guadalcanal...
At mail call to-day love your last letter came,
I just stood there smiling till they called my name;
As I read it over my skies turned to grey,
And tears dimmed my eyes love, at mail call to-day.

I can't understand love what happened to you,
The day that I sailed love you said you'd be true;
But now it's all over, what more can I say,
My poor heart was broken at mail call to-day.

I slept in the foxhole amid shot and shell,
I'm telling you darling it's worse than all hell;
I thought you would wait love while I was away,
But my castles tumbled at mail callto-day.

I hope you'll be happy with somebody new,
But always remember my heart beats for you;
Good luck and God bless you wherever you stray,
The world for me ended at mail call to-day.

Contributed by Alessandro - 2006/11/2 - 11:51

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