Bath, Michigan

Landis MacKellar
Lingua: Inglese

In Nineteen Hundred and Twenty Eight (*)
disturbed by an increase in the property tax rate
Andrew Kehoe, a deranged man,
blew up the school in Bath, Michigan
(in Bath, Michigan)

Fifty children, give or take a few
and their teachers died when it blew
fifty pounds of dynamite
he hid in the basement, Kehoe had a right
to buy that dynamite (for on farm use)

Just before this deadly deed
he strangled his wife and girdled his trees
slaughtered his stock, burned the house down,
put a second bomb in his car and headed into town
he headed into town (ten miles away)

Drove up to the school just after the first bomb went off
people running round like chickens with their heads cut off
beckoned the school board president over to his model-A Ford
flipped a switch and killed four or five more
he killed four or five more (and wounded many with the shrapnel)

George Marks, the postman, who lost a leg but survived
was the last to see Andrew Kehoe alive
just before he died, George Marks would say
Kehoe smiled, and i won't forget that smile 'til my dying day

It didn't begin with people out of work
Vietnam veterans and post office clerks
it began for no reason worth trying to understand
in Nineteen Twenty Eight in Bath, Michigan
it began in Bath, Michigan.

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