Three Songs About Lynching

Langston Hughes
Language: English


Southern gentle lady,
Do not swoon.
They've just hung a black man
In the dark of the moon.

They've hung a black man
To a roadside tree
In the dark of the moon

For the world to see
How Dixie protects
Its white womanhood.

Southern gentle lady,
Be good!
Be good!


Plant your toes in the cool swamp mud.
Step and leave no track.
Hurry, sweating runner!
The hounds are at your back.

No, I didn't touch her.
White flesh ain't for me.

Hurry, black boy, hurry!
Or they'll swing you to a tree.

Lynching Song

Pull at the rope!
O, pull it high!
Let the white folks live
And the black boy die.

Pull it, boys,
With a bloody cry.
Let the black boy spin
While the white folks die.

The white folks die?
What do you mean--
The white folks die?

That black boy's
Still body

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