NPWA (No Power Without Accountability)

Billy Bragg
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole e musica di Billy Bragg
Nel disco intitolato “England, Half English”, con il gruppo The Blokes.

England, Half English

Un disco incentrato sul razzismo in Gran Bretagna, il diffuso sentimento contro gli immigrati e le violente campagne di stampa, in particolare quelle del Daily Mail, contro i profughi richiedenti asilo. Ma anche a proposito dei problemi della globalizzazione capitalistica: delocalizzazione, irresponsabilità delle grandi multinazionali, concentrazione della ricchezza e diffusione della povertà, grandi istituzioni internazionali che dovrebbero proteggere le masse e invece sono al soldo di ricchi e potenti.
I grew up in a company town
And I worked real hard ‘'til that company closed down
They gave my job to another man
On half my wages in some foreign land
And when I asked how could this be
Any good for our economy?
I was told nobody cares
So long as they make money when they sell their shares

Can you hear us? Are you listening?
No power without accountability!

I lost my job, my car and my house
When ten thousand miles away some guy clicked on a mouse
He didn’t know me, we never spoke,
He didn’t ask my opinion or canvass for my vote
I guess its true, nobody cares
'Til those petrol bombs come spinning through the air
Gotta find a way to hold them to account
Before they find a away to snuff our voices out

Can you hear us? Are you listening?
No power without accountability!

The ballot box is no guarantee that we achieve democracy
Our leaders claim their victory when only half the people have spoken
We have no job security in this global economy,
Our borders closed to refugees but our markets forced open

The World Bank says to Mexico,
We’ll cut you off if you don’t keep your taxes low
But they have no right to wield that sword
‘Cos they take their orders from the chairman of the board

I hear these words just every place I go
Who are these people? Who elected them?
And how do I replace them with some of my friends?

Can you hear us? Are you listening?
No power without accountability!

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