Sudako And The Paper Cranes

Tommy Sands
Lingua: Inglese

Sudako, let me make a paper crane for you
Sudako, let me help to make your dreams come true

Sudako was a baby when the cruel bombs were burning
And the homes of Hiroshima turned to hell
But somehow she kept living and she seemed to laugh and play
Just like any little girl of ten
But lately she's complaining of dizzy spells and headaches
And she's praying for an end to all these pains
And she hears the old folks whisper
Your wishes will be granted if you make a thousand paper cranes

She doesn't wish for chocolate cakes or dolls with coloured dresses
As lovingly she folds each paper crane
The only prayer she whispers, May this sickness go away
And poison bombs don't ever come again
Her hands are growing slower but her hopeful heart is racing
She has made six hundred cranes and forty-four
But the headaches keep returning, her fingers they are burning
She whispers, I just can't make any more

The children leave the classroom, they are crowding round her bedside
They are making paper cranes with loving speed
Soon there'll be a thousand and your wishes will come true
Sudako, are you smiling in your sleep
The pains of life are leaving and the only dream she's dreaming
Is a dream that bombs will never fall again
And that's the dream they carry as they gather at her graveside
And gently place a thousand paper cranes

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