I've Got To Know

Woody Guthrie
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Musica ripresa dal gospel "Farther along"
Interpretata anche dal gruppo di di donne nere a cappella, Sweet Honey in the Rock.

Nel 1992 ha fatto parte della colonna sonora del bel film diretto e interpretato da Tim Robbins, "Bob Roberts", sull'ascesa in politica di un corrotto folksinger fascistoide.
In questa intervista Robbins racconta come "I've Got To Know" fu scelta per il film:

"Getting that phone call from Gore Vidal while we were in preproduction was a real validation of our project. It was like when we got the go-ahead to use "I've Got to Know," by Woody Guthrie. His daughter, Nora Guthrie, came to one of the last days of mixing and saw the film. The song had never been heard before, and she felt that it had been written for our film. I was so moved. This was such a great stamp of approval at the end of the project."
I've got to know, yes, I've got to know, friend;
Hungry lips ask me wherever I go!
Comrades and friends all falling around me
I've got to know, yes, I've got to know.

Why do your war boats ride on my waters?
Why do your death bombs fall from my skies?
Why do you burn my farm and my town down?
I've got to know, friend, I've got to know!

What makes your boats haul death to my people?
Nitro blockbusters, big cannons and guns?
Why doesn't your ship bring food and some clothing?
I've sure got to know, folks, I've sure got to know!

Why can't my two hands get a good pay job?
I can still plow, plant, I can still sow!
Why did your lawbook chase me off my good land?
I'd sure like to know, friend, I've just got to know!

What good work did you do, sir, I'd like to ask you,
To give you my money right out of my hands?
I built your big house here to hide from my people,
Why you crave to hide so, I'd love to know!

You keep me in jail and you lock me in prison,
Your hospital's jammed and your crazyhouse full,
What made your cop kill my trade union worker?
You'll hafta talk plain 'cause I sure have to know!

Why can't I get work and cash my big paycheck?
Why can't I buy things in your place and your store?
Why do you close my plant down and starve all my buddies?
I'm asking you, sir, 'cause I've sure got to know!

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Language: English

Versione del coro Raised Voices

Version by Raised Voices

Woody Guthrie. Arr.Julie Jackson and Mel Ellis.
Extra verses Liz Philipson (RV)

Why do your warships sail on my waters?
Why do your bombs fall down from my skies?
Why do you burn my towns and my cities?
I've got to know friend, I've got to know.

I've got to know friend, I've got to know
Hungry mouths ask me wherever I go.
Comrades and friends are dying around me
I've got to know friend, I've got to know.

Why do you spend all your money on weapons?
Why is there none for your hospitals and schools?
Why do you lock up your young ones in prison?
I've got to know friend, I've got to know.

Why have the wars left people still starving
Begging for shelter, water and food?
Why can't we have our own land for our people?
I've got to know friend, I've got to know.

Why do you silence the voices of reason?
What makes you kill those who fight for the poor?
Why can't you let us decide our own future?
I've got to know friend, I've got to know.

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