Always You

Richard Sherwood
Lingua: Inglese

Per tutti i morti in battaglia
Come on down won’t you lift me high

from this cold cold ground underneath your sky
Now all is still I can hear you call
time after time , line after line , it’s always....

Heal me now let me feel you near.
Tell me how take away my fears.
Now breath will fade and we fight no more
day into night dark into light it’s always..

You that’ll kno w how it’s gonna go, when I need you.

You that’ll see how it’s gonna be, forever now....
always you........always you................... solo.........(as the verse)
You that’ll hear you’ll be the one who’s near when I need you.
You that’ll know how it’s gonna go.... .forever now
(A)You that’ll see how it’s gonna be when I .need you
You’ll know the way each and every day forever be....
Always you ..always you....Be always you...Be always you...

inviata da Richard Sherwood - 4/8/2014 - 01:40

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