"Humanitarian" NATO

Bob A. Feldman
Lingua: Inglese

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An anti-war folk song that protests against the late 20th-century and early 21st-century USA/NATO policy of "humanitarian" military intervention in foreign countries.
"`Humanitarian' NATO
Is coming to help you fight
`Humanitarian' NATO
Will bomb your land tonight
`Humanitarian' NATO
Will help you to be `free'
`Humanitarian' NATO
Will arm you covertly."

It bombed in Bosnia, it bombed in Serbia
And thousands of civilians cried
It bombed in Afghanistan, it bombed in Iraq
And thousands of civilians died.

It bombed in Pakistan and used a lot of drones
And thousands of civilians died
It bombed in Libya and sent its secret teams
And thousands of civilians cried. (chorus)

It funds some NGOs and arms some dissidents
In countries it hopes to re-colonize
It declares a "no-fly zone" on behalf of Big Oil
Then bombs TV stations to hide its crimes.

It wants to change regimes in those countries
Whose leaders won't bow down to Uncle Sam
To punish its rebellious former colonies
It bombs for the UK, Italy and France. (chorus)

Who gave NATO the right to attack
And to wage war offensively?
Aggression is aggression, even if it's masked
As being done for "humanity."

So if it bombs Syria or if it bombs Iran
And thousands of civilians die
And if it bombs Cuba and Venezuela
Remember that NATO likes to lie.

(final chorus)
"`Humanitarian' NATO
Is coming to help you fight
`Humanitarian' NATO
Will bomb your land tonight."

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